The Fish With The Giant Teeth

Fangtooth Fish

Claf Hong / CC BY 2.0

Fangtooth Fish

Fangtooths are beryciform fish of the family Anoplogastridae. The fish live in the deep sea. Fangtooths are actually quite small and harmless to humans. There are two species: Common Fangtooth and Shortthorn Fangtooth. Common Fangtooth reaches maximum length just 18 cm and the Shortthorn Fangtooth is less than half this size.

Fangtooth Fish

Brian Suda /CC BY-SA 2.0 | Fangtooth Fish

Fish has a small head with a large jaw. The eyes are relatively small, set high on the head. The entire head is a dark brown to black. The fangtooth has the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean proportionate to body size and are so large, they can never close their mouths.


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