7 Poisonous And Uncontrollable Foods To Eat


swong95765 / CC BY 2.0


Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body.  It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients,  such as carbohydrates,  fats,  proteins,  vitamins,  or minerals.  The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism’s cells to provide energy,  maintain life,  or stimulate growth.

Some of the harmful foods for our health are mentioned below :-

1. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is use for making pie, jam, sauce etc but its leaves contains oxalic acid and its poisonous to health. This leaves are more poisonous when they cooking with soda. The green-stalked rhubarb is toxic but the red-coloured stalks are much more popular with consumers and it is extremely safe to eat.

2. Apples

Apple is a most healthiest fruit but its seeds are toxic for humans. Eat small amounts of apple seeds will cause no ill effects but in extremely large doses can cause adverse reactions. There have been known deaths as a result of over-eating.

3. Mushrooms

Mushroom is a one of the poisonous food, not all species but few, especially the “Amanita phalloides” mushroom and its also called as “Death cap mushroom”. The most common reason for this misidentification is close resemblance in terms of colour and general morphology of the toxic mushrooms species. There is a another species of the mushroom is very toxic that is “Amanita virosa”, also called as “Destroying angels”.


Matthias Ripp /CC BY 2.0 | Mushrooms

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are non-toxic but their leaves, stems and green unripe fruit contain small amounts of the toxic alkaloid tomatine. Use of tomato leaves in herbal tea has been responsible for at least one death. Tomato plants can be toxic to dogs if they eat large amounts of the fruit or chew plant material.

5. Potatoes

We are eating potatoes almost everyday but I want to tell you something that green potatoes are toxic for our health. The staple crop is harmless but the green potatoes are very toxic because they contains Solanine. The concentration of glycoalkaloid in wild potatoes sufficient to produce toxic effects in humans. Glycoalkaloids may cause headaches, diarrhea, cramps and in severe cases coma and death.


jamonation /CC BY 2.0 | Potatoes

6. Wild Almonds

Wild almond species are toxic, domesticated(sweet) almonds are not. Wild almonds are bitter and they are loaded with cyanide. We eat sweet almonds, not wild almonds. Nothing to worry about domesticated almonds, they do not contain this natural defense mechanics. So, don’t worry and eat atleast 2 sweet almonds everyday.

7. Kidney Beans

Raw kidney beans contain relatively high amounts of phytohemagglutinin and thus are more toxic than most other bean varieties if not pre-soaked and subsequently heated to the boiling point for at least 10 minutes. Cooking at the lower temperature of 80 °C, such as in a slow cooker, can increase this danger and raise the toxin concentration up to fivefold. Canned red kidney beans are safe to use immediately.

Kidney Beans

dominik18s /CC BY 2.0 | Kidney Beans

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